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Our Services


PTC Offers Various Services to the Commercial and Government Sectors

Government Reselling

PTC is registered in SAM.gov and actively seeks opportunities made available by various government branches.

Drafting & Design Engineering

PTC offers drafting and design engineering services utlilizing leading edge cad software to create accurate and detailed drawings. We can work with you by using your initial concept and create working drawings that can then be taken from proto-type to the final production product.

Custom Manufactured Products

PTC offers expertise in the consultation and procurement of manufactured products of various materials. Our decades of experience working with various manufacturers allows us to partner and team with the best and most knowledgeable in the field to complete our mission. All work is backed by COC's to ensure all manufacturing requirements and dimensional accuracies are accounted for.

3D Printing Capabilities

PTC Offers 3D Printing Services for Prototyping and Production Needs. We currently have 3 FDM printers in house and can print from various materials such as PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, and many others within our current 300 degree celcious range. Our current largest build size is 9.84"w x 8.3"w x 8.3"h. Larger print sizes and other 3D additive methods availble thru our teaming partners.

Foreign Language Instruction and Translation Services

PTC Offers Foreign Language translation and courses custom taylored to project specifics, apllying State & Federal course standards.




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